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Schematic Design

Medical Planning Inc.

Here at Medical Planning Inc., we know that a physician’s success depends greatly on our ability to provide him or her with an efficient work space. That’s why every Philadelphia, PA medical facility we design is in accordance with the latest edition of the “Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities.”

Our team is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest building protocols and both federal and state government requirements, to ensure that the space we design is both effective and safe. It is our firm belief that these code regulations are an asset, not a liability.

Efficient circulation

Efficient patient flow is one of our primary concerns. We understand that most Philadelphia, PA patients do not want to spend more time at a medical clinic than they need to. To ensure that patients are seen and discharged in a timely manner, we consider all of the elements of the facility. When it comes to total functionality, the exterior of a medical facility is equally as important as the interior. An adequate and ample parking lot in close proximity to the reception and discharge areas will guarantee easy access for both patients and staff.


We also take into consideration the fact that our design must accommodate physically challenged patients and patients with impairments. The widths of all doorways and hallways, and the slopes of all ramps adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure those using a wheelchair, cane, or walker can easily and safely move around the facility.

A patient’s privacy is our priority

Privacy is a great concern to our team. Patients do not want to overhear intimate information concerning other patients, nor do they want be heard. That’s why we design environments where doctors, staff, and patients can interact in a discreet manner.

A relaxed environment

We understand how lighting and color schemes can affect the mood of a room. We strive to provide as much natural light as possible. You will not have a difficult time deciding how to decorate your waiting room or achieve a calming atmosphere, because our team is going to provide you with those recommendations.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our team is not only committed to saving physician’s time and motion in their ambulatory surgery center (ASC), but also enhancing the outpatient’s experience. Rest assured knowing that all the ASC’s we build exceeds the standards of the “Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care” (AAAHC).

There are a number of things we must consider when designing the blueprint for an ASC. Overlooking the smallest detail could result in a setting unconducive to performing safe surgical procedures. To ensure safety and comfort, we request a list of procedures performed at the facility, the number of support staff that will be in the office, special studies, and the number of patients treated per day per doctor. It is not just important that there is enough room for the staff and patients, but the medical equipment as well. We know that the less time a member of the staff spends looking around for a piece of equipment or important documents means more time spent focusing on the patient.

Since procedures at an ASC do not require an overnight stay, most patients have family or friends accompanying them. We understand that being in a medical facility can be an overwhelming experience for both visitors and patients. That’s why we’ve made it our responsibility to design a relaxing and calm environment. A waiting room is the first thing a patient or visitor is going to see, so it extremely important to establish a stress-free zone right away.