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Documentation/ Bid Analysis & Field Supervision

Envisioning your new Pittsburgh, PA medical office

We are meticulous about getting all of our client’s goals, visions, and expectations into the architectural construction documents. Once the final construction documents have been approved by the client, we will put them out for construction bids.

Invitations for bids

Our team has decades of experience preparing bid documents. This experience will ensure that the bidding contractors understand the delineation of project responsibilities. We are determined to get you the best price we can without compromising the integrity of our design. Our years of reviewing bids gives us the knowledge on how to estimate the range of costs.

Developing a list of qualified contractors

We know that choosing a good contractor is the difference between success and failure. Luckily, we have had the honor to have worked with some of the best and most respected contractors in the nation, so we know exactly what to look for.

Bid Analysis

Bid analysis has always been an important function of Medical Planning’s services. We are there to provide our clients with experienced guidance during the bidding process thus keeping construction costs realistic.

Supervising the site

Construction is a collaborative process between us, the contractors, and owner of the medical facility. We make frequent trips to the job site to ensure the job is being completed to our standards. Accessibility is key, as questions are likely to come up once the construction begins. We are available right up to the final “punch list” inspection.

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